Thank you to our sponsors!!

PARK(ing) Day Providence is taking place September 20th from 8AM-4PM in Downtown Providence this year! #parkingday #ASLAPD19

If you would like to participate this year and would like to provide a “PARK” installation please go to the Fill out the Form and choose a parking spot below. We will post the remaining open spaces and share who is participating as the spaces are requested. Parklets spaces will be on a first come, first serve basis.

Please review the Parklet Guidelines and Manuals at your leisure.

Parklets as of 8/16/2019:

Westminster Street

PARKLET #1-191 Westminster St-

PARKLET #2-193 Westminster St- Johnson & Wales University

PARKLET #3- 201 Westminster St- RIPTA

PARKLET #4-225 Westminster St – RISD ASLA Student Chapter

PARKLET #5-231 Westminster St- Horsley Witten Group

PARKLET #6-273 Westminster St-

PARKLET #7- 275 Westminster St-

PARKLET #8-317 Westminster St- Freedom by Design, RWU

PARKLET #9-333 Westminster St-

PARKLET #10– 335 Westminster St – VHB

Washington Street

PARKLET #11– 63 Washington St – RI Housing

PARKLET #12 -69 Washington St-

PARKLET #13 -100 Washington St-

PARKLET #14 -135 Washington St-

PARKLET #15 -158 Washington St.-

PARKLET #16 -160 Washington St.- Roger Williams University

Eddy Street

PARKLET #17– 64 Eddy St-

PARKLET #18– 66 Eddy St-

PARKLET #19– 68 Eddy St- GHDG & Landscape Elements LLC

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See you on September 20th, 2019!